60th Wedding Anniversary

60th Wedding Anniversary

Lovely day with the Lewis family celebrating Nan & Grandad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary so beautiful to see the love of two people and their family.

It was an hour of fun and lots of laughter from this family, and it was a great afternoon in the sun.  Seeing the oldest to the youngest member of the family together was a priceless picture and getting the great grandchildren to pull a face or two was excellent.

Thanks to the Lewis family for an enjoyable afternoon and Happy Anniversary to Nan and Grandad, a love everlasting and moments that will last this family a lifetime.

True Love


The love between a horse and rider

I spent yesterday evening with the lovely Macey and her beautiful four legged horse Missy and little cousin Millie who joined in the fun.

A horse bought 18 months ago with an attitude and issues but the love of her current owner has made her a star pupil and just adorable to work with, true soul mates.

What a difference a little love can make to two lives❤️.

Charlotte and Joe

Friday I had a surprise secret mission, as some of you may be aware I ran a competition recently for a wedding shoot, but we had two winners not one!

Charlotte entered the competition but unknown to her I also received an email from her friend Donna who wrote:

“I like to put forward my lovely friends Charlotte and Joe please.

They’ve been together for many years and have finally arranged a date hoorah!!

Their daughter Katie was diagnosed with a heart condition when she was very young and since being diagnosed they have both rallied round organising and competing in many charity events to not only supply the Brompton with much needed funds (Katie’s Heart Appeal) but also installing defibrillators in not only the local areas But also the primary school Katie was in when first diagnosed.”

Two amazing people who give so much of their time for the sake of others, so I decided to give something back to them, so with Donna’s help, she put me in touch with Joe and their daughter Katie and we conspired to keep the fact that I would be there to take the photos for their wedding a secret a little surprise for the bride.

So here is a sneak preview for can I say two very amazing parents and people, and the lovely Katie who has a smile that could light up any room.

So big thank you to you all.

Congratulations xxx



So I am embarking on my Master Photographer Association qualification for both portraits and weddings.

This means that all my photos have to meet the expectations of the MPA Board – correct exposure, settings on the camera and composition.

I made my first submission to the monthly critique and was awarded a Highly Commended award for the photo.

Of course I was so pleased it’s good to know that you are doing it right for your clients and that undertaking this industry qualification means I am constantly learning – because to stop and think you know it all is never a good thing you should always trive to do better for you and your clients.

It means that my clients get a photographer who is not just playing at it but wants to give them the best possible regardless of whether  it be a wedding or a portrait.Wedding Commended Photo Kessex


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