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Remembrance Sunday


On Sunday I attended the Remembrance Day with The Collective in Brentwood.

The Collective are a group of scooter enthusiasts who organise and ride out together regularly they do a lot for the local community and are even organising a toy run for Christmas.

They had a beautiful poppy wreath to lay at Brentwood and they allowed me to tag along on four wheels rather than two.

It was a great day with some of the nicest people you could meet, they made me feel amazingly welcome (regardless of my two too many wheels).

So thank you to The Collective for making me feel like part of the team and for a great day out for such a wonderful Remembrance Day and I am sure that the toy run will be a great success.



I held a photo shoot at Coal House Fort in East Tilbury this weekend open to all who wanted to attend.

I am going through the photos now but just caught this one I thought I would share for now.

I had placed the bikes throughout the setting ready for various photos to be taken, had just finished a shoot with a smoke grenade as I walked away turned and saw this the last remnants of the grenade helping to highlight the sunbeams across a few of the bikes.

So serene

Open Photo Shoot

Kessex Photography will be at Coal House Fort this Sunday for a photo shoot with scooter owners mod and the vintage look.

The sun is scheduled to appear and this should make for a lovely time for everyone to have photos taken.

This event is part of my Master Photographers Association qualification so everyone is welcome to join me in East Tilbury in Essex from 12.00 at Coal House Fort.

As a thank you we will be letting you choose some free digital photos from the day.