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Last weekend  I took some time out to go and test not only my new camera Sony A99ii but some HSS off camera flash.

Yvonne and Paul joined me in their vintage wear at Vange Well No 5 in Essex, this is beautiful but somewhat derelict building in the middle of the woods, bu has such a feel and beauty about it that it was crying out for some photo shoot time.

The weather the day before had been a little wet so the steep hill to the well was a little slow going as one foot slip and it would have been mud bath for all of us.

The wind was blowing so the soft box took a bit of a battering, and this is where you realise that an extra pair of hands is a godsend, but unfortunately there was just the three of us on this occasion, so it sand bags and burying the feet of the light stand into the ground for a little more security.

The area is very popular with dog walks and we did draw a little of a crowd throughout the shoot, a lady in high heels and a RAF pilot in a derelict building yes I suppose it did look a little strange.

So after an hour of high winds and some testing here are some of the shoots that I took, enjoy our first but certainly not last vintage shoot.  I love this look :O)

Couples Valentines

This weekend we went out into the woods for a couples shoot for valentines.

The lovely Kirsty and Lee braved the cold brisk Sunday morning for some lovely photos in a beautiful setting.

They also brought their little ones who we just had to get some family photos with and played with the leaves.

Great afternoon.

60th Wedding Anniversary

60th Wedding Anniversary

Lovely day with the Lewis family celebrating Nan & Grandad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary so beautiful to see the love of two people and their family.

It was an hour of fun and lots of laughter from this family, and it was a great afternoon in the sun.  Seeing the oldest to the youngest member of the family together was a priceless picture and getting the great grandchildren to pull a face or two was excellent.

Thanks to the Lewis family for an enjoyable afternoon and Happy Anniversary to Nan and Grandad, a love everlasting and moments that will last this family a lifetime.

True Love


The love between a horse and rider

I spent yesterday evening with the lovely Macey and her beautiful four legged horse Missy and little cousin Millie who joined in the fun.

A horse bought 18 months ago with an attitude and issues but the love of her current owner has made her a star pupil and just adorable to work with, true soul mates.

What a difference a little love can make to two lives❤️.