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MPA – Certification

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Today I got an email from the Master Photographers Association (“MPA”) advising me that I had obtained my Certification Status.

Does that make me a Master Photographer – no NOT YET BUT SOON I hope!

This is the first step in obtaining my Master Photographers qualification, which I will be undertaking in both portrait and wedding photography.

I submitted a rather long document which stated where I started my photography, my experience and my ambitions for Kessex Photography in the future, I had to set out my working practices, to show that I have all the necessary professional controls in place as a professional photographer, insurances, health & safety, risk assessments, workflow etc.

A panel of judges reviewed this document and also checked my website for the images that are being provided to the public are of a standard they would expect of their members.

Like I say this is the first step, and in early 2019 I will be looking to obtain my Masters Qualification in Portraiture and later in the year for Weddings. This will involve the submission to a panel of judges of 20 of my photos with information on the set up etc, it all sounds so simple, but these judges are some of the best in the industry evaluating my use of light, posing and quality of images.

So being certified means that you can be assured that Kessex Photography has all the necessary insurances and practices in place to undertake your photography needs and that I am constantly improving and working with some of the best names in the industry to deliver the best images to my clients.

Of course I will keep you updated in respect of my qualification and that this time next year there will be a Master Photographers Licentiate Qualification rosette to go with this one :O)


So I am embarking on my Master Photographer Association qualification for both portraits and weddings.

This means that all my photos have to meet the expectations of the MPA Board – correct exposure, settings on the camera and composition.

I made my first submission to the monthly critique and was awarded a Highly Commended award for the photo.

Of course I was so pleased it’s good to know that you are doing it right for your clients and that undertaking this industry qualification means I am constantly learning – because to stop and think you know it all is never a good thing you should always trive to do better for you and your clients.

It means that my clients get a photographer who is not just playing at it but wants to give them the best possible regardless of whether  it be a wedding or a portrait.Wedding Commended Photo Kessex