The Collective SC is a scooter club based in Essex.

Every year they arrange a Toy Run for Basildon Hospital – Children’s ward and this year I tagged along with them to take some photos.

So what is the toy run – The Collective send out a notice on facebook and via other social media platforms to call together across the scooter clubs in Essex to join them on their chosen day.

Everyone gets out of their cosy beds, be it sun or freezing fog (as it was last year), start up their scooters and ride out to meet at The Collective’s meeting place the Barleylands Social Club.

They dress up, the scooters are decorate to fit the day, and everyone contributes a minimum of £5.

On Sunday 16th December there were at the last count 76 scooters on site to do the toy run (photos to follow), some of the most amazing people coming together for such a worthwhile cause and the atmosphere was amazing.

They raised an amazing  total of £740 for the children’s ward.

They then all ride out to Basildon Hospital to deliver the money in person.

The sight of 76 scooters all together words cannot describe, people waving from cars allowing all the scooters to pass, completely unaware of the cause of what they are doing.

The scooters arriving at the hospital causes somewhat of a stir (these is all arranged with the hospital it is worth noting), staff and patients alike just cannot help but stand and watch this amazing sight.

The Collective and their fellow scooter enthusiasts  last year raised enough money to help turn one of the rooms into a place where the kids can play and relax, where they can take a break and have a moment of normality.

A few of us had a tour of the wards to see the work that they are doing.  It is a very humbling experience, to see the things that these ladies and gents at Basildon Hospital do to help the children in their care.

The beads of courage, the bell to ring on completion of treatment, Polly’s Pad somewhere for the parents to go, sensory lights in the bathrooms as sometime the treatment that the children are receiving can make their eyes sore, and these lights are soothing to their eyes and yet still provide light for them.  These are things  unless we live with them we are unaware of the need for.

Photos will follow in the next few days, but is people like those from The Collective and their fellow scooter clubs that make the difference to help these worthwhile causes.

So this was a great way to end 2018 for me, to be in the company of the nicest people, who give their own time, come rain or shine to help their local community.

Happy Christmas to everyone and a huge well done to all those who attended Sunday and helped to raise the funds for the children.

A big Happy Christmas to all those nurses, doctors and emergency medical staff that will be spending their Christmas in the wards or out on the roads caring for those who are not able to be home this festive season.

May 2019 bring health and happiness to as many people as possible.


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